Amethyst Tumbled Stones 

Violet stones have a natural affinity with the crown chakra, just above the top of the head.   Violet stones combine the vibrations of practical, down-to-earth red energy with blue energy which is expansive, spacious and communicative.  This allows amethyst to bring a state of balance wherever it is required, while also having focus on the workings of the mind.  Amethyst crystals are calming and stabilising to all areas, particularly the mind.  It can be useful in reducing restlessness, irritation and worry.  It is also very good in meditation. 


Keywords are empowering, supporting, and gentle.


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6.02 x 5.99 x 3.81 mm

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Great customer service, very happy.

Sarah on 7th Dec 2015

I ordered a selection of crystals for a friend suffering with fertility problems, the crystals arrived with a lovely note explaining what each one is for. I did ask for a breif explanation about them and what I received was above expectation. Thank you, my only down side was that one of the pieces of Amber had a small piece broken off but it wasn't enough to worry about, the more fragile items could maybe have been wrapped in a little tissue to prevent this happening again. But overall very happy.


7th Apr 2014

great services thankyou

birthday present

Lorna on 30th Jun 2011

This is only one of the many crystals I bought my daughter for her birthday and she is absolutely delighted with all of them. Great crystals, great service.