Peacock Ore Crystals (bornite, chalcopyrite, cuprite)

BORNITE is a sulfide mineral and one of the important copper ore mineral.  On fresh surfaces, it has a brown to copper-red color which tarnishes to an irrdescent purple surface. Due to the purple to bronze irridescence, it is also called 'peacock ore.'

Bornite widely occurs in porphyry copper deposits along with chalcopyrite. Both the chalcopyrite and bornite are typically replaced by chalcocite and covellite in supergene enrichment zone of copper deposits. It is also found in pegmatites.

We have not used Peacock Ore before as a healing stone, so can not give an opinion on what its metaphysical properties are, we just like it.  It would make a great gift or an addition to a stone collection.

These stones vary in weight and appearance, as no two are the same.  The picture is for guidance only.  They are typically around  10g in weight, 3.5cms by approximately 3.5cms.

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peacock ore

7th Dec 2015

lovely colours and as advertised