From our treatment rooms in Wiltshire, Living Crystals customers will receive a full review and crystal treatment in a relaxing one hour session.

 Treatments can be for any reason, be it physical, emotional or just purely to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful surroundings.

 Whilst we do not offer guarantees, many people have seen excellent results from their sessions. Deciding what you need help or healing with is the first step. We can then help you decide which crystal or stone best suits your needs.


We have revised our payment policies.  For new clients, we now ask for a £25 deposit at time of booking an appointment.  The balance is then paid after the treatment.  If you need to cancel the appointment for any reason, we need 24 hours notice or the deposit is not refunded.   

 Our crystals are a complementary therapy. However, please make sure that you do not ignore your doctor's advice or use our products as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Call us now on 07887556755 or email requesting more information.

What people have said:

"Hey, crystals, I would never have thought I would have been affected by this, but I can honestly say I got something from your workshop today that really moved me.  Thank you." (Joanne)

"Your passions shine through.  It envelops others and brings them in. I hope you keep spreading the word." (Karenna

"Thank you for showing me a way to let go.  I shall practise with my new crystals." (Dodie)


This is from Phil about our website.  We are so blessed to do what we do.

Sometimes I just know that the energy from something is wholesome and good and that was the feeling i got when I saw your site. I also feel that at some stage I will visit your location , so keep me informed about any workshops etc . Also I am increasingly using crystals in all my work  but not on any other site did i feel the draw . I cannot always quantify or explain  my inner voice but have learned that it is always correct, and it is telling me that you are doing powerful healing work, so keep it up, the world needs healers.