About healing crystals:

 In recent years, it has become increasingly easier to buy good quality healing crystals and they have become widely available to all. We are not able to give any descriptions of metaphysical energies within the crystals for ethical reasons. However, you can always email us, or call us on 07887 556 755 for more information.  We do not offer healing advice over the telephone.

Below we give you a few hints on how to care for your crystals once you have bought them.

In this section you will find:

-         how to choose your crystals

-         how to care for your crystals

-         how to connect to your crystals

 If there is ever anything you want to know that we do not cover here, please email us.info@livingcrystals.co.uk  We are only too happy to help and send you a reply as soon as possible. 


 When choosing, it is best to focus on the intended purpose for buying them. As people buy crystals for many varied reasons,  decide what you want to get from them. Is it purely a decorative item that you love to have around the home or are you trying to achieve a positive benefit from them, be it emotionally or physically?

 What particular reason do you have for wanting the crystals?

Choosing healing crystals is a very intuitive process, the best way is to allow your eye to be drawn to whichever stone is particular attracting you. The right crystal will attract you to it because you are subconsciously receptive to its energy. Be true to your own feeling and you will choose the right stone.

 If you are choosing crystals for someone else, try visualising the person during the selection process.  Always trust your instincts and choose the crystals to which you are first drawn.

 Most importantly of all – have fun and don’t worry about the process.  Choosing crystals should be a highly enjoyable activity, and if you truly follow your instincts, you won’t get it wrong!

 Taking Care of

 Crystals absorb (and store) both positive and negative energy from their surroundings, so it is important to “cleanse” your crystals regularly.

Many stones like quartz can be washed under a tap or in salty water.  However, water can damage some stones, so unless you are sure, it is best to use the more gentle method of burning incense near them.

Alternatively, use the Native North American technique of “smudging” your crystals by burning sage leaves so that the smoke from the leaves flows over and cleanses them.

You can even use sound to purify the crystals by sounding a small bell close to them.

If you are unsure then just drop us an email info@livingcrystals.co.uk and we’ll gladly let you know the best method for your crystal.

 Connecting to

 Once you have selected a crystal to work with, one that you feel particularly drawn to, or which has the qualities you need, hold the crystal in the right hand.

 Then close your eyes and think of its positive qualities.

Focus on how you want the crystal to help you.

Keeping the crystal in your hand and your intention in mind, breathe in deeply through your nose.

Continue to think about what it is you want the crystal to help you with as you breathe in and out.

As you do this, imagine yourself achieving your aim.

Spend time building up a picture of this for a few minutes.

Use all of your senses to experience your ideal outcome.

 You can attune to a crystal in this way as often as you wish, and you will learn something new every time.

Your energies will also change over time, so you may respond to a crystal totally differently in 6 months time than you do today.

 Crystals are our friends and allies - they want to help us.  But they can't unless we ask!

 Please note:

The healing properties attributed to the crystals on our site are gathered from published references and our own experiences in working with crystals.  They are given in good faith and for information purposes only.  We accept no responsibility or liability for the use of these crystals or their effectiveness.

Crystals are not intended as a substitute for standard medical treatment.  If you are concerned about any aspect of your health, you should consult your GP.