Garnet & Peridot Necklace in Gemchip


Garnet is a energising and regenerative stone. It cleanses the chakras and the aura, purifying and balancing the energy of each to inspire love and devotion, it balances the sex drive bringing passion back into being. In some ways it can balance the emotions where there has been some form emotional imbalances and disharmony.

Keywords metbolism, blood, heart and self-confidence, remove ingrained patterns..


Peridotite is vivid green in colour and is a very powerful cleanser releasing toxins . It can benefit the skin with this cleansing and can be very good for skin conditions  It connects to both the heart and solar plexus chakras and releases negative patterning which causes spite or anger and build-up of jealousy or resentment. It sharpens the mind to move forward quickly and improve relationships that are difficult.


This is a stunning necklace of two crystals that work very well together.  It comes in three  entwined strands, so it is quite thick, but is finished to an excellent standard.

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