As part of our therapy services, we also treat horses with crystal therapy and it has proved a massive success.  Give us a call on 07887556755 for further information and charges or email

Of course our crystals are a complementary therapy. Please make sure that you do not ignore your vet's advice or use our products as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.


Here I am with my friend Otts working together, he is such a lovely guy.








Have a look at our blog on Scuba and see how he is going during his crystal healing sessions.



This is what Sam had to say about her horse Josh.

Thank you for helping me with Josh, since your work with him & the crystals Josh is much more calm and confident in himself. So much so that he is happy being in a field on his own and doesn't fret or worry if he can't see any other horses. This is a massive improvement as before Josh couldn't be left on his own as he would gallop round the field stressed and lathered in sweat. This has helped me significantly as Josh now fits around my schedule and not other peoples and more importantly I now don't worry about Josh so much. Thanks again Sam & Joshua Bloom.

This is a great picture of Josh now relaxing in his field, where once he would have been anxious and worried.