Small Amethyst Points (natural)  (rough, raw)

These crystal points are small sized and stubby. They have a lovely sheen and the amethyst is a variety of the colour purple, They vary in size but typically are around 2cms long and almost 2cms wide.  They are quite small but would be great for circuits, grids or layouts but also just for carrying.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE.

Violet stones have a natural affinity with the crown chakra, just above the top of the head. Violet stones combine the vibrations of practical, down-to-earth red energy with blue energy which is expansive, spacious and communicative. This allows amethyst to bring a state of balance wherever it is required, while also having focus on the workings of the mind. Amethyst is calming and stabilising to all areas, particularly the mind. It can be useful in reducing restlessness, irritation and worry. It is also very good in meditation.


Keywords are empowering, supporting, and gentle.


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Lovely xtals

11th Apr 2014

Picked a few of these up and they just feel nice. Complete beginner with this stuff and I've a lot to learn but just holding and playing with these xtals have given me a more positive outlook on stuff.